Ultimate Guy's Theme Park Poster Designs + Illustrations;

Ultimate Guys’ Theme Park Posters

Imagine the ultimate place that dudes would love to go to filled with decadence, humor and good times. TBS enlisted us to design seven fun posters to promote their Ultimate Guy’s Theme Park across all their social media channels and TBS Digital website. We created these posters in conjunction with the Ultimate Guy’s Theme Park Map.


Redmeat Rapids? Cannonball Cove? La-Z Boy River? These were places we always wanted to visit. With such vibrant, imaginative names, ideas started exploding off the page.


In the initial ideation round, we brainstormed away, coming up with humorous ideas to capture the theme. We then figured out the correct compositions and character positions to maximize hilariousness. 

UGTP Poster Illustration Sketches
UGTP Poster Sketches Illustrations


Some projects require several rounds of revisions to nail the final look and feel. This project was not one of those. The sketches were well received by TBS, as was the final art. It certainly helped the subject matter was so fun and humorous.

The final art featured custom type, all-original illustrations and retro-infused, saturated colors. 

Cannonball Cover Poster Illustration
Ultimate Guys Theme Park Poster Illustrations

Working with Zookeeper has been a pleasure. The team has great artistic abilities and keeps a keen eye on where the medium is headed.

–Jesse McLean, TBS


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