Here’s what our clients have said over the years about our work and partnering with us:

  • “We needed a brand identity for a next-gen retail concept that would relate to an astute millennial consumer. We also wanted it to evoke qualities of an established and authentic brand, mature beyond its years. Dave Waite and the Zookeeper team delivered a fresh, exciting logo and brand identity package that has been received extremely well by our customers and strategic partners. It is eye-catching, timeless, unique and one that we believe could have been as relevant 20 years ago as it will be 20 years from now.”

    –Lawrence Tanenbaum, President and CEO, Kinsley

  • “Love, love, love the look of it! You guys have been phenomenal to work with on this project! I think it turned out great. Thanks so much. Response has been terrific!”

    –Carole Angelo, NBC Universal, on the Revolution Webisodes

  • “Dave Waite and his Zookeeper team are the best I have worked with. Elegant designs, professional execution, on time and hard working. I’ve worked with many firms in the past, but I have found my home with Zookeeper.”

    –Brian Kraft, The Recording Connection

  • “This is gorgeous and amazing. Thank you so much. Feedback has been super positive! Love the title sequence idea. And please express my thanks to the whole team for the hard work on this series. Turned out really beautiful (despite the subject manner!).”

    –Carole Angelo, NBC Universal, on Dracula Rising Animation

  • “Gorgeous. Wonderful. So happy I found you. You guys have an amazing attitude, are talented, and perceptive to my needs. I can see the care and thought and precision that you’ve put into this, and I really appreciate that. Showed the logo to a few more peeps today. They all say the same thing: ‘Wow’ and ‘gorgeous.’ You guys have really done a beautiful job. The still logo is PERFECT.  And that slow-motion rippling graphics logo is breathtaking. I’m grateful. I love what you guys have done. I’m so happy. You guys are rockstars. Thank you!!”

    –Krystal White, HummingDream Productions

  • “We worked with Zookeeper for our brand design and feel. They did such a great job with the logo that we’ve sold almost as many T-shirts as beers!”

    –Dan Malech, StormBreaker Brewing

  • “Smart. Capable. Creative. Engaging. Strategic. Dave is all of those and a very strong business manager as well. I recommend him highly for any company looking for an agency to lead their creative strategic direction.”

    –Steve Potestio, Owner, Mathys-Potestio

  • “Dave Waite and Zookeeper rock. They are great at pushing the envelope without going over the top when it comes to creative design work. Their new discovery session process is a great boon to clients, often opening their eyes to who their customers truly are. At the end of the day, we all get judged on results – Zookeeper’s web designs have always improved website conversion results for my clients – and that’s an ROI you CAN measure. We love working with you guys because you totally get it.”

    –Mike Keesling, The Film Connection

  • “Thanks again for all of your help on this, what you guys provided was key to visually explaining the story. Everyone I’ve talked to said they loved the animations, thought they were very cool and unique looking.”

    –Matt Schlef, Fox Sports

  • “Dave, this looks great. I just want to say thank you again… We really are super excited about the new brand identity you’ve shaped for/with us. I am beyond pleased at how everything turned out.”

    –Bill Bahrenburg, The LifeBalance Program

  • “Looks dope! Great work.”

    –Shevy Shovlin, The Recording Connection

  • “My website needed a complete overhaul, so I handed over the reigns to Dave and Dusty to see where they could take it. I simply let them know who my site needed to reach, what I needed to showcase, and then just let them do their thing. The result is a very dynamic website that I’m extremely proud to show off. It’s an accurate representation of my work, my attitude, and what I can bring to the table. I’m confident the website helped in securing new agents and even closing the deal on certain gigs that I’ll mention by name as soon as the NDA is clear. I can’t recommend the crew at Zookeeper enough. Really creative, great job all around.”

    –Mike Vaughn, Actor

  • “I love it. I think it fits the brand and the game – in colors, tone and attitude. Thank you! Overall it’s gorgeous! I really look forward to working with you all again in the future.”

    ––Carole Angelo, NBC Universal, on the Million Second Quiz Animation

  • “My 10 years of working with Zookeeper has been nothing but tremendous. Not only did they deliver consistent professionalism and creativity, but they were always there for us, even in a pinch, and would still come through with very original concepts, artwork and communications. Their accessibility and friendliness makes it easy to discuss various marketing and advertising goals and initiatives. Thanks for the excellent work as always!”

    –Heather Rayburn

  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Dave and company at Zookeeper over the course of a few projects now. I’ve tapped into a number of their service offerings to include naming, logo design, branding and website design. All of resultant artifacts came out wonderfully and at a great value. I have and will continue to recommend Dave and his team for anyone seeking some killer work in the creative space.”

    –Matt Bader, The Train Station

  • “Awesome. Those comps are so friggin’ adorable! I love them! Overall, I love everything, including the (custom) logotype. You guys rock!”

    –Melanie Harari, Call Your Mom app inventor

  • “Zookeeper has been an outstanding creative services provider to our company (since 2004). Owner Dave Waite’s professional and personal approach to us as a client is one that we genuinely appreciate. He contributes to our creative process with insight and candidness to help us better craft our creative vision. It doesn’t matter the size of the project whether it’s an entirely new website, a catalog rewrite or a simple edit of PR copy, Dave and Zookeeper meet all of our creative project needs with responsiveness and attention to detail.”

    –Gary Glass, Iwata-Medea

  • “Appreciate your super work and thoughtfulness.”

    –Robert Lee, Fire Bowl

  • “We love the design. Great job! Thanks again, Dave.”

    –Edward Ovetsky, Fire Bowl

  • “I am blown away. The site looks incredible. Way beyond what I thought it would be and a big step up. Cool.”

    –Lance Parker, ConnectX

  • “Dave is incredibly easy to work with and is, well, an idea machine. Highly recommended.”

    –Heather Wood

  • “We are in love with all three marks and appreciate the work of you and your team. Thanks again.”

    –Jen Costa

  • “Great working with you, Dave! Thanks for all of your work!”

    –Joe Camareno, Celtino Entertainment

  • “It’s been great working with you!! Truly appreciate your flexibility on everything.”

    –Stephanie Wiand, Celtino Entertainment

  • “Completely love it, Dave. Thanks a million!! I’m sure it’s going to work great for us!! Of course, now I have all sorts of other ideas after seeing the site...”

    –John DeFaria, Strong Sound + Vision

  • “Thanks so much! It honestly looks even better than I had imagined...and I was imagining a lot! We appreciate everything.”

    –Carter Armstrong, Strong Sound + Vision

  • “More people are calling and referring to your awesome (as folks have been saying) website. This website sure is amazing.”

    –Jim Barker, Artcraft Plating & Finishing

  • “On time. Within budget. Beyond expectations! I tasked Dave and the Zookeeper team with designing three websites simultaneously. Dave accepted this challenge and delivered three amazing websites. I couldn’t be happier. My time spent working with Dave and the rest of the Zookeeper team has been amazing. Everyone is extremely talented and creative, which made the entire website design process a breeze. In the end, I couldn’t have asked for a better website.”

    –Jaimie Du Bois, formerly of the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC)

  • “Dave brings a keen wit and focussed perspective to his writing. We were always able to count on Dave to bring us something unique, but also on point. Great guy!”

    –Sam Bowman, formerly of Nike

  • “In a perfect world, creatives would have much time to research, brainstorm and come up with inventive, effective solutions for their clients. But let’s face it…the world’s not perfect. Next best thing is working with Dave. He can come up with great concepts at the drop of a hat. And on top of all that time and cash he saves me, he makes me laugh – all the time.”

    –Carrie Asby

  • “Dave, you’ve really taken The Den from being another bar to being a hilarious bar with personality. The Facebook update about the illustrious bartender tonight with that photo is a riot. Excellent work!”

    –Heather Parlato, Parlato Design, on our social media campaign for The Den of Hollywood

  • “Dave Waite at Zookeeper designed, built and launched my site. I could not be more thrilled with the way it turned out. Dave is a true pro who delivers what he says he is going to do, and does it effortlessly and on time. I have also received rave reviews on my logo and brand identity that Dave designed. It will truly take me to the next level of business for where we want to go. Dave, I could not be happier and it was a pleasure to do business with you. I cant wait to do it again!!!”

    –Doug Raub, President, Douglas Raub Design and Development

  • “I just LOVE it. Thank you (and Isaac) for all your great work! This is super!”

    –Jana Williams, Koala Crossing Communications

  • “I’m blown away. It’s so easy to navigate. Beautiful work!! Much appreciation.”

    –Doug Raub, Doug Raub Design and Development

  • “The site looks amazing and people will take notice now. This will also be a big boost to Zookeeper, as so far the feedback on the illustration has been overwhelmingly positive! Thank you. The site looks fantastic! Great job! Thanks for getting this done so quickly. I think it looks better than anything out there.”

    –Tim McNamara, Clearview Divorce

  • “I had no idea which way to go with my logo when I hired Zookeeper. Yet when I saw what they created for me, I knew they had nailed it!”

    –James Berry, Grubble Grubble

  • “Some firms billing themselves as ‘creative’ are anything but… Zookeeper remains a polestar of the industry for original material, and we couldn’t have done better for clean copy on a tough production schedule. A thousand thanks.”

    –Mark Mandrake, former Vice-President of Publishing, Multimedia & Photography, New York Yankees

  • “Thanks for all of your help, Dave. Again, it looks great. Really appreciate your efforts.”

    –Justin Sintic, Jake’s Hockey

  • “Dave and the Zookeeper crew did a great job synthesizing my strange gumbo of requests to visually define my brand. Once I gave them the green light, our first meeting was a design brief to get clear about my business goals and visual preferences. At the end of that meeting, Dave asked what one outcome of the process did I want from them. ‘Amaze me,’ I said. They did.”

    –David Brownstein, Hollywood Coaching

  • “Not only was it critical to have a logo that accurately communicated the intention behind my company, Into My Own, but I also wanted the designer I hired to demonstrate the same genuine interest I had in wanting to powerfully connect with my customers. Dave at Zookeeper did just that. The process began with a thorough and thoughtful interview to learn about important aspects of my new business, so that Zookeeper was crystal clear on how to move forward with the design. The creative timeline steps necessary were laid out in advance, all of which were met on the date promised. Dave created a strong alliance with me, where feedback was heard and respected, and Dave helped me to feel and know that I was part of the Zookeeper creative team.  I ADORE THE NEW LOOK! I am delighted with the logo and for the opportunity to work with a company as talented and dedicated as Zookeeper. It’s been wonderful working with you, Dave. You are a superstar!”

    –Alicia McLucas, Into My Own

  • “Working with Zookeeper has been an absolute pleasure. Somehow Dave managed to step inside my brain and create the exact look and feel I had envisioned. His customer service is exceptional and his designs are really creative without imposing his stylistic preferences on the client. I cannot recommend him highly enough. And I am totally in love with my new logo and website. I was wildly impressed.”

    –Margaret Floyd

  • “WHOA!!!!!!!!!!! This is super impressive, Dave! Thanks again for your many hours in creating the new look for us.”

    –Gabe McCubbin, Artool Products

  • “Thanks Dave!  Great work and enjoyed.”

    –David Myers, The David Myers Group

  • “Crazy cool! I just screamed! VERY cool!!!!!! Love the site. Thank you.”

    –Cyndy Jasmine, Balloon Celebrations

  • “Zookeeper did an outstanding job on our new website. Dave and his team took over the project and allowed me to continue to focus on my business while they designed and built our new website. They were on time, on budget, and extremely creative and helpful every step of the way. The new site exceeded our expectations. Zookeeper delivered.”

    –Aaron Fitzgerald, Airborne Images

  • “That is definitely a WINNER!  It looks great, I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s very intense and compelling, the exact way I want my art to be portrayed. Good job, guys. By the way, I’ve been bragging about you to everyone I know. I’d be surprised if you don’t get another site out of me.”

    –Matt Andrews, Hypnotic Air

  • “Wow, Dave it (the logo) looks awesome! I love it. Thanks so much for the work. I am excited to see it all come together. You are a masterful design artist!”

    –Lance Parker, iTag

  • “It was a pleasure to work with Zookeeper. They took a conception and vision that we relayed to them during our meetings and expertly portrayed that vision with the final design and color selections. It captured the essence of what a Rasmussen custom home is.”

    –Alan Rasmussen, Rasmussen Homes

  • “Thanks, Dave, I really appreciate all your hard work. I’ve been getting fantastic responses to my logo!”

    –Christi Schimpke, Minabea Jewelry

  • “We put our trust in Zookeeper to update our registered trademark, CHAINSAW® Chili, and they delivered BIG. Their professional approach and collaborative tone seasoned all interaction, from initial concept to the finished file. This project was complex from a targeting and branding standpoint. Even so, the final results, delivered on-time, were outstanding by any measure. A big thank you to Zookeeper!”

    –Dave Kolar, Kolar Worldwide

  • “I sought out Dave to help one of my clients define her personal brand through a great looking and effective logo. Dave delivered, was professional and just a great guy to work with. I highly recommend using his service. His level of design FAR exceeds what else is out there. Not only that, he laughs at my stupid jokes too (always a plus).”

    –Jared Kessler

  • “Having a compelling brand is all about drawing attention to your product or service. Dave was able to create a logo that not only reflected my style but also encouraged me take it up a notch and present a bolder image to the world. Dave is extremely good at what he does. In all of our projects, he kept an eye to my overall goals and ensured that what he delivered would help me implement with the big picture in mind. He is an incredible designer and ideas guy who really understands how to create winning brands and then market them to the world. You always get great results and smart strategies when working with Dave. Ultimately his work has helped me be more confident in what I offer and make a bigger impact. Thanks for a great logo. You’ve been a star.”

    –Lisa Princic, ChangeMakers Toolbox

  • “Dave Waite throws himself into everything he does. No matter the scale of the project, no matter the politics, no matter the late hours or revisions, Dave is always eager—joyous, actually—when donning his deep sea writing helmet and diving into a new challenge. He loves what he does, and it shows. Every task is an opportunity to uncover something new. He is also a gifted and gracious collaborator, helping to galvanize teams into lean, mean marketing machines. In a jaded industry, Dave is a rare gem: someone who views advertising as a playground, an undiscovered country, a place of integrity and possibility.”

    –Dale Bayse, former colleague at CyberSight/Nine Dots and Nike

  • “We sincerely and greatly appreciate all that you’ve done to move this organization so far forward in terms of our presentation materials.”

    –Meyer Freeman, Oregon Sports Authority

  • “Our new branding book will serve as a critical asset in telling the story of the Oregon Sports Authority. And we’ve got an incredible story to tell, from big-time events like the U.S. Figure Skating Championships and Women’s World Cup Soccer to our recent legislative victory paving the way for the NCAA Basketball Tournament to return to Oregon. The branding book captures who we are and all that we’ve accomplished, while also providing a glimpse into the very promising future of the Oregon sports landscape.”

    –Drew Mahalic, Oregon Sports Authority

  • “Thanks for the amazing effort and work… I still can’t get over how much better this is than nearly every visual arts organization logo and logotype.”

    –Jeff Jahn, Organism

  • “Working with Zookeeper was an actual treat. And no, I’m not talking about food here for those of you who know about my sugar addiction. What I mean is that the entire process of producing two radio campaigns for Centex Homes was perfect from start to finish. Dave is honest, sincere and truly cares about the client’s goals. During production, Dave kept everything on track and conducted the orchestration between creative and results flawlessly. And the result you ask? One super happy client who said, ‘I’ve never received this much response before…thank you for all your help.’ So if you need creative that works, well, better email this guy before he’s booked out.”

    –Mike Vaughn, Actor/Producer/Writer/Voice-Over Talent

  • “Zookeeper has been invaluable to our project! They delivered extraordinary work in unbelievable time. Without Zookeeper, our Earthdance fundraiser would still be just a good idea. Dave and the rest of the Zookeeper staff were so easy to work with and changes were never a problem, no matter how small, big or how many.”

    –Ken Jordan, The Crystal Method

  • “I could not have been happier with the professionalism, creativity and efficiency Zookeeper exhibited on our behalf. Thank you Zookeeper!”

    –Janine Johnson, Founder, Green Wave Enterprises

  • “Thank you for a great logo! Good to go.”

    –Cindy Bloomfield, Diamond Head Circle Design

  • “You guys rock!!! I was blown away by how the logo and design of my promotional card turned out. I can’t stop looking at it!  You guys at Zookeeper went above and beyond anything I ever expected. Thanks for being so accessible and taking me through every step of the way. I look forward to working with you in the near future.”

    –Innis Casey, Innis Casey Photography

  • “Thanks Dave, awesome work!”

    Megin Diem, big-giant, on concepts created for Nike