We’re an animation and branding studio that brings characters to life. We create magical experiences that delight audiences and deepen brand engagement.

We specialize in short-form, “snackable” animation that’s perfect for promoting brands. We’re also actively developing our own original IP to be made into shows and series for the entertainment industry, sports teams and directly to brands.


How do we get started? Simple. Send us a friendly email. Let us know what you’re working on, your goals for the project, how much money you have allocated to spend on it and when you need it completed by. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you figure out if it’s a good fit.

The first thing we need is a script. If there’s not an existing script, we’ll need to develop a treatment to flush out the details of the story. Once the direction is agreed upon, we’ll write the script and get the voiceover recorded. Up next are storyboards to map out the visual sequence of the illustrations and animations. After they’re approved, the magic starts to happen. We illustrate the characters and scenes, then set everything in motion. In post, we edit, color correct, add sound effects, mix in the perfect soundtrack and apply graphics, then render so the final video files work for all screen sizes.


People don’t want to read. They want video that explains, entertains and enhances experiences.

With the growing demands for more and more digital content, we make storytelling across all screens affordable compared to traditional animation. We can produce this “snackable” content in high volume, making it perfect for apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, Facebook, Twitter and whatever’s hot next month.


Through recent technological breakthroughs, we can now animate these using audio and video inputs to create lip syncing and realistic movements, and do so much more affordably than traditional animation. It’s a game-changing innovation that opens up a sea of possibilities.

If you’re looking for a creative way to use animation to promote your brand, let’s talk.

We animate stories to create
compelling brand experiences
that build audiences, increase
loyalty and drive business growth.


  • How much does it cost?
  • Over the last decade working on hundreds upon hundreds of successful projects for scores of clients, we’ve assembled a talented team of professionals who strive to do exceptional work. We can communicate big, complicated ideas quickly in a fun way for less than the cost of live video since, with animation, we have control over all elements including talent, lighting, camera angles, etc. And because of recent technological breakthroughs, we can produce our branded animation more inexpensively than painstaking, traditional frame-by-frame animation. Getting back to the question, it depends on a number of factors, such as the length of the animation and how many videos are needed. If you have a number of animations to be executed, we can produce them in high volume with efficient pricing. Every project has different needs and goals, so the best way to get an exact investment fee is to email us and let us know the details.
  • What sort of uses are there for branded animation?
  • So many:
    • Explainer videos.
    • Social media.
    • Animated webisodes.
    • Live animation.
    • Commercials.
    • Website content.
    • Motion graphics.
    • Broadcast design.
    • Lower thirds graphics.
    • Brand storytelling.
    • Music videos.
    • Branded content.
    • TV and film promotion.
    • And many more…
  • How would you describe your style?
  • We’re chameleons. Our passion is bringing characters to life to live in a digital world and can do so in any style. We do not use a one-size-fits-all approach and never use cookie-cutter templates. We’re not going to force our style down your brand’s throat…our talented illustrators and motion designers adapt their styles to perfectly suit your brand. We love animating characters, crafting type and designing graphics that are unique and specific to your needs.
  • What kind of animation are your clients currently requesting?
  • Our clients like NBC and TBS have realized that flat, 2D animation connects with hard-to-reach millennials who have nanosecond attention spans. Recent studies have confirmed that flat is better.
  • How quickly can you turn projects around?
  • Fast. We’ve created a one-minute animation for NBC in just two weeks. But the more time the better when it comes to creativity. Please note that rushes incur rush fees.
  • Do you work with outside agencies?
  • Absolutely. Over the years, we’ve worked with ad agencies, TV networks, entertainment companies, sports teams and a wide range of businesses, large and small.
  • What separates Zookeeper from other shops?
  • With a wealth of big-brand experience, we combine creativity with strategic thinking, custom illustrations and original character designs, then put them into motion in dynamic, innovative ways using breakthrough technology that delivers measurable results.
  • How big are you guys?
  • We’re a growing team with the right people in place to handle your project from start to finish. Our tight-knit team has worked together for years and utilizes Scrum productivity techniques for quick turnarounds. And our system is entirely scalable with a huge network to call upon for larger needs. We love tackling creative problems and coming up with smart solutions. We’ve had great success with clients like Fox Sports, NBC and TBS, who know that if they can move the needle just a bit, it can pay off with big results.
  • What are you like to work with?
  • We’re fun and friendly! But we’re also serious and intently focused on our craft of storytelling and branding.
  • How long has Zookeeper been in business?
  • We’ve been building brands since 1999. Zookeeper started as a communications company for companies like Nike and Wells Fargo. We designed scores of logos and websites in the 2000s. And over time, morphed into a strategic design firm and brand consultancy focused on customer-centric experiences. Today, we’ve evolved to animate content that builds audiences and creates loyal followers for the world’s top brands.
  • Do you still devise brand strategy, design logos and identities, and develop websites?
  • We sure do. If you need creative work, we may be able to help or we can refer you on to a trusted resource in our network.
  • Anything else?
  • If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, just send us an email.

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We animate content that builds audiences and creates loyal followers for the world’s best brands.


Dave Waite

Dave founded Zookeeper in 1999 to help brands passionately tell their story and emotionally connect with customers. A Northwestern graduate, Dave previously worked at ESPN and Nike.
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Isaac Holk

Isaac illustrates his imagination, creating compelling characters and placing them into worlds of wonder, making brands come alive through dynamic storytelling and inspired animation.



Zookeeper’s Director of Security, Puck keeps a watchful eye over all people and property at the Zoo. With his parents hailing from the Czech Republic, he descends from a royal line of Prague Ratters. Originally from Florida, Puck enjoys wrestling gators and is quite animated.
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Want to join our team?
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Love, love, love the look of it! You guys have been phenomenal to work with on this project! I think it turned out great. Thanks so much. Response has been terrific!

Carole Angelo, NBC Universal

Working with Zookeeper has been a pleasure. The team has great artistic abilities and keeps a keen eye on where the medium is headed.

Jesse McLean, TBS

Wanted to let you know how impressive the level of these illustrative animations are—especially with my background in motion design and graphics. This is a really nice looking cohesive package, so please pass along another artist’s congratulations and thank you to everyone involved.

Tina Shaw, NBC Universal

Thanks again for all of your help on this, what you guys provided was key to visually explaining the story. Everyone I’ve talked to said they loved the animations, thought they were very cool and unique looking.

Matt Schlef, Fox Sports