How we bring characters to life
in real-time

Hi, Dave Waite from Zookeeper.

Wanted to give you a quick glimpse of what we’re calling rapid-response animation.

We’re excited about the dynamic new ways we’re able to bring stories to life in today’s rapidly evolving world.

Emerging technologies that we are using make animation more affordable and accessible than ever before, while opening up huge opportunities.

How does it work?

With the latest 3-D face-tracking technologies to recognize expressions and mouth movements, we can animate using audio and video inputs to create lip-syncing and realistic movements. Once our character is designed and rigged, and a background created, we can instantly execute the animation.

And we can this in real-time, meaning live. Broadcasting live animation, hosting live interviews or streaming live across social media are all possible.

As you can see, we can have a lot of fun with this, changing shirts, throwing on a hoody or putting on a hat. If we want to wear a mask, face covering or something more heavy-duty, we can do that on the fly. This flexibility is terrific for product placements and Easter eggs.

We can perform a wide range of emotions, from angry to sad to happy to sleepy.

Our passion is bringing characters to life and can do so in any style to perfectly fit your story or brand.

We work with Adobe’s Advanced Product Team as beta-testers, suggesting new features and testing unreleased updates. We’ve appeared on Adobe Live, showing the ground-breaking possibilites of Character Animator by creating and puppetting characters from scratch.

We’ve spoken at the San Diego Comic-Con and the CTN animation eXpo in Burbank to tout this technology on behalf of Adobe.

We’ve animated for networks like NBC, ABC, Snapchat, Fox Sports and Team Coco who’ve all trusted us to deliver.

As you can see, we’re only limited by our imagination. We can even do animation within animation. Every day we’re envisioning new application for this technology.

Animation can become interactive, such as projecting a character against a large backdrop and have it come to life, interacting with fans and encouraging actions.

We’re seeing a mere glimpse of what’s going to be possible in the years to come…

Thanks for watching.