Zookeeper - Be your own creature

Welcome to a place where
brands come
to life.
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Based in Los Angeles, we’re
a strategic
design firm.
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Since 1999, we’ve helped companies like
NBC, Nike
and Disney
brand themselves better.
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We devise
Uncage our imagination. And execute smartly.
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Who do we
work with?
TV networks, film production companies, ad agencies,
brands and businesses, large and small.
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We produce
branded content. We also animate motion graphics and design
branding work.
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We believe clever ideas,
smart storytelling and brilliant design
fuel a passion
for a brand. And inspire loyal tribes.
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No frozen dinners. No templates. Our ideas are always organic. Everything we do is from scratch, completely custom, from fresh-baked logos to piping-hot motion design. Originality that makes brands truly memorable. And cooks the competition.

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We’re chameleons, able to crawl inside a brand’s brain and quickly adapt to its surroundings. With 360-degree eyesight, we spot trends, innovate and respond rapidly with smart strategies and flexible designs. The result? Brands that grow and thrive in any environment.

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“If you follow the herd,

you end up as a steak.”

- Unknown Cow