Hummingdream Productions

Making a splash in scores of film festivals, Krystal White needed a logo and a motion sequence for film intros to identify her ascending production company, HummingDream Productions. After an insightful discovery session with the writer, actor and director, we worked to craft an identity that revealed the essence of her brand.


Krystal was certain she wanted a hummingbird to represent her. Her friends described her as always buzzing, curious and constantly on the move. She imagined the identity would be elegant and original. She wanted it be bright and positive, yet serious and not too cartoony.

A quick image search of hummingbird logos revealed the challenge—originality. Representations of hummingbirds have been used in every style imaginable. So much so that the common directions all start to look alike.


So we brainstormed and began sketching dozens of ideas. And this intricately crafted, beautiful creature started to emerge.We kept layering hundreds of sharp-angled lines for detail and texture to create the frenetic state of a hummingbird.


The next challenge was to bring elegance back into the jagged, textured bird. Replacing the tail feathers, we added the longer curved tail lines to resemble slow-flowing ribbons, reflect a dream-like state and spark curiosity.



When it came to motion, we imagined a hummingbird zinging past your head multiple times, only hearing the buzzing for a brief moment as it flies by. Just a blur, the bird zipped across black multiple times before being “caught” by our “camera.” The bird comes to a slow rest in the center of the screen as its tail feathers blow across the screen. The type slow-fades in, followed by the bird changing from its black-and-white state to a blue-colored state…and then zooms away.

Gorgeous. Wonderful. So happy I found you. You guys have an amazing attitude, are talented, and perceptive to my needs. I can see the care and thought and precision that you’ve put into this, and I really appreciate that. Showed the logo to a few more peeps today. They all say the same thing: ‘Wow’ and ‘gorgeous.’ You guys have really done a beautiful job. The still logo is PERFECT.  And that slow-motion rippling graphics logo is breathtaking. I’m grateful. I love what you guys have done. I’m so happy. You guys are rockstars. Thank you!!

–Krystal White, HummingDream Productions