360 Ultimate Guys’ Theme Park Map

Dudes don’t like to get lost. But they hate asking for directions even more. Dudes like maps. So when TBS Digital was imagining the Ultimate Guys’ Theme Park, they commissioned us to create an interactive 360-degree illustrated map to go along with the poster designs we illustrated.


Making imagination come alive takes some sorting and planning. With seven different areas, we needed to figure out exactly what went where…and start exploring styles.

UGTP Map Sketch Illustration


In creating a style, we focused on a watercolor-inspired scenescape. Our artist imported the original sketch into Photoshop and started solidifying the line strokes and coloring with a retro-inspired palette.

UGTP Map Illustration Sample


Before settling on what would be the final style, we experimented with different looks and feels, one of which can be seen below. Ultimately, TBS wanted a vintage look that was handdrawn in style reminiscent of the 1970s Disneyland-type maps.

Alternative UGTP Illustration Map


TBS Digital peppered all of their social media channels with the map, including on Facebook where it served as a 360-degree interactive map illustration.

Facebook 360 Map Illustration


We added some additional color corrections and some weathered folds to make it appear like an authentic theme park map from yesteryear.

Final UGTP Map Illustraion

This looks great, thanks for all the work. It looks very cool as a 360 photo.

–Jesse McLean, TBS


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